Iron River’s Grade 5-8 students are offered a variety of option classes which include but are not limited to Home-Ec., Outdoor Ed, Art, Band, Advanced Sports.


Iron River School is happy to offer a band program to all students in grades 5 to 8.  Grades 5-6 are exposed to several instruments through the music program.  Grades 7-8 are able to participate in the band program through options.  Students are given the opportunity to develop competencies and to strive for excellence within the limits of their individual capabilities in the following areas: playing, listening, reading, creating, valuing. Students will discover, develop and evaluate their talents and abilities relative to playing a musical instrument, and establish and reinforce correct techniques and skills.


Iron River School has a music program.  We believe that a quality music program is essential, as it not only fosters a love and appreciation for the arts, but research has shown that it also has a significant impact on student achievement in the areas of mathematics and literacy.  We also offer opportunities to sing with a school choir for special events, such as Remembrance Day or the Christmas Concert.

Physical Education

Research supports the assertion that physical activity contributes to the overall well being and academic performance of students.  Students can improve their health, classroom performance and quality of life by participating in the activities offered in our daily PE program.  The active living approach is the focus of the Physical Education Program.